Ceramic Restorations

Ceramic Restorations

Same Visit Ceramic Restorations with CEREC at Salgra Dental

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Ceramic Restorations with CEREC by Salgra Dental Group – Pembroke Pines, Florida

What are Ceramic Restorations?
Cerec (Ceramic Restorations) at Salgra Dental Group are the latest form of porcelain restorations being made by utilizing a new technology called CAD-CAM (Computerized Assisted Design- Computerized Assisted Milled).

And now we offer this great Dental technology to our Pembroke Pines, Miramar, Cooper City and Hollywood communities.

These restorations start out as a block of solid material (porcelain, composite and now also lithium disilicate) and are milled to the form which will fit the teeth and the bite. The design of the form is obtained through a computer.

The procedure is as follows: 
  • The tooth is prepared, removing all decay and with a divergent occlusal axial wall (opening is larger than the base). 
  • An impression is obtained. This impression can be either obtained by covering the tooth and surrounding area with a titanium dust (creating a white or blue surface) . The imaging is optical and uses an infrared wavelength. 
  • This image is converted to a format that the computer understands and an image appears on the TV-screen for the dentist to use in designing the restoration.

After the design has been approved the computer information is sent to the milling (cutting) station which will sculpt the restorative material to fit the design (tooth and bite). After the restoration is checked for fit, color and harmony with the tooth and body, the restorative material (as is the tooth) is than prepared to the manufacturer’s specification (acid etched, silaned, bonded, etc.) to be made “sticky” to the cement being used.

The restoration is then permanently bonded to the tooth. This is all accomplished in about two hours from start to finish. The restoration should be hard and last, with proper hygiene and maintenance, 5 years according to the insurance companies and 10 years according to the dental schools. 
Often times we see even longer time frames in our Pembroke Pines dental practice.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, even if you just want to see how this new technology works!
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